Van Hunt fall tour & Aloe Blacc Euro Tour ’11

Well, we’re on the road again with Aloe Blacc, for the 3rd tour in Europe this year. It’s been a busy year of touring, but I’m thankful I get the awesome job of making music for a living. I’ve got the Access Virus TI and the Nord Electro3 out on the road this time, I wanted to explore that neglected VA synth. It’s not bad at imitating the older analogs, but I miss having the Moog or the Prophet ’08 like i did on the last two runs. Starting Nov. 3rd, we’ve ran through Spain, Poland, Norway, Sweden, & now Germany with great gigs at each spot.

After coming home from the long summer festival tour in Europe with Aloe Blacc, i went straight to rehearsals the next day for the Van Hunt fall tour. We we’re touring over the release of his new album, “What Were You Hoping For?”, on which i recorded keyboards. It was a successful tour, with fantastic reviews of both the album and the shows all across the US. It was pretty intense, 25 dates in 29 days. My rig was no small task either, a Minimoog Voyager, Prophet ’08, Nord Stage 2, and a busy pedal board with Strymons dominating. I supplied our guitarist, Doug Showalter with a second pedaboard (yes, he used two!) using my Moog Freq Box, Low Pass, and Strymon tape delay, and we battled with sonic waves nightly! It was a joy to make such honest music. Highlights included our performance at the famous Tipitina’s in New Orleans, a stop at Switch On Austin (an honest to goodness analog synth shop), and a off the wall performance at Portland’s Doug Fir. We also stopped off at the Dave Smith laboratory in San Fran, and Joanne & Andrew of DSI came out to the show at Yoshi’s. We were exhausted by the end of the tour, but glad to have participated in such a fun and well received show.

Expect a video soon featuring Bennie Rodgers, Doug Showalter, & myself using Dave Smith gear, especially the new Tempest drum machine, its coming together nicely! Things should slow down a bit in January, and I’m stoked to dive back into the session work and composition that has been sorely neglected with all the traveling. The tour goes through December in the UK, and i jet home just in time to the get to the folks for Christmas in Oregon & Washington! :)

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