Aloe Blacc US tour

Greetings from muggy DC. The Aloe Blacc US “Red Bull” tour is half-over. A short, but pleasant 3-week run, we’ve been graced with the horns of Chris Bautista & Randal Fisher. Great players and good spirits, I wish Aloe was taking them to Europe this summer. We played Solana Beach, the OC, LA, San Fran, Portland, Sasquatch Festival, and Vancouver so far. Met with the fine folks at Dave Smith Instruments in San Fran. Also had a taste of the original Irish Coffee at the famous Beuna Vista bar. On the walk there, we we’re surprised by the “Bush Man”, who is apparently a famous homeless man on Pier 39. He sits in the middle of the sidewalk behind some branches, and pops out to say “boo” to passers by (in picture above). We had a good laugh as we jumped, Joel even tipped the man. I’ve been enjoying the Prophet on stage this tour, adds a level of unpredictability which keeps me fresh. It was nice to play in Portland, with my family in attendance. Surprisingly, that was the first show i’ve played in Portland with an LA group in 5 years in LA. Sasquatch Fest was a beautiful day in the gorge, and I caught the sets of Matt & Kim, The Glitch Mob, & Pink Martini. It gave a glimpse of the summer tour to come, which is mostly festivals. This means quick setups, windy sunny stages, sweaty crazy audiences, hangs with other bands, lack of WiFi, tin can dressing rooms (if we’re lucky), and generally bad sound. BUT it will be an adventure, and it’s good to play for music for a living. I intend to be more productive this summer with flying independent work over the net; it keeps me sane and reminds me of my electro-roots when I’m all “souled” out. The wedding is also creeping up and I’m ready! Let’s get this fire started!

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